Wheel Seals
W-KIT-F016-Ka - KAWASAKI KX65 2000/2012

FRONT - Wheel Seals with spacers

  • Increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and power loss
  • Spacer enables ideal running surface and sealing performance
  • Superior contamination protection for longer bearing life
  • Resistance to high pressure water wash
  • Longer service intervals
  • Overall higher reliability for continued high performance of the motorcycle

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 KAWASAKI KX 65 02-16

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866-252-8772 | ph: 208-932-9906 | fx: 877-294-9116
email: info@innteck-usa.com

What Customers Are Saying

“The added performance gained by the reduction in friction is icing on the cake. The cake itself is doubling the fork-seal life.”

- MXA Team, Motocross Action