Brake Pad Racing

    New sintered brake pad made with a compound optimized for racing use, less time running for prompt use.
    The new brake pad has a drain to assist the disposal of gas produced from braking and debris. Combined with the disks of the INNTECK T-brake line you’ll get excellent performance in all conditions!


    CR 125E     02-08
    CR 125R     02-07    
    CRF 150R    07-16
    CR 250E     02-07
    CR 250R      02-07
    CRF 250R    04-16
    CRF 250X    04-16
    CRF 450R     02-16
    CRF 450X    05-16

    Company Information
    208 North Maple Grove - Boise, Idaho 83704
    866-252-8772 | ph: 208-932-9906 | fx: 877-294-9116

    What Customers Are Saying

    “The added performance gained by the reduction in friction is icing on the cake. The cake itself is doubling the fork-seal life.”

    - MXA Team, Motocross Action