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“Passion brings to results, results to satisfaction”.

2013 - Export share outside EU is growing and two people join the Innteck team: a foreign office employee and a technician for new products research and development.

2012 - Innteck moves to a new location with bigger warehouse, offices and outdoor area. Hiring of a warehouseman. Export business becomes the important part of Innteck turnover with national distributors all over the world.

2011 - The third Innteck partner gives the opportunity to increase marketing network with sales agents to follow more directly dealers all over Italy. Firsts cooperations with multinational companies such as SKF, selling some product lines as exclusive european or worldwide distributor. Innteck business direction is shifting day by day on foreign markets.

2009 - Increase of warehouse space, website improvement and more significant presence at Eicma International Expo. Firsts sales of Innteck brand products and riders sponsorship in the world championships.

2008 - A new full-time partner joins Innteck team, increases the items treated and starts with firsts sales abroad.

2007 - Hiring of an employee. Innteck business direction is clearer now. First participation at Eicma – International Motorcycle Expo in Milan to improve and increase contacts with Italian dealers and start to have firsts trade relations abroad.

2006 - Innteck moves to larger premises with office and warehouse. Starts a direct contact with Italian dealers and products become more and more technical and innovative.

2005 - Managed items are now more than 800, customers are already all over Italy and the growing demand of material requires to move to larger premises.

2004 - Four friends founded Innteck company, starting as e-commerce firm (one full-time working partner in a small office) of innovative products for off road motorbikes for Italian market.The main article promoted was the Rekluse automatic clutch : worldwide patent that allows the possibility to automatically modulate the clutch, with controlled detachment and slipping, without acting on the lever.









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“The added performance gained by the reduction in friction is icing on the cake. The cake itself is doubling the fork-seal life.”

- MXA Team, Motocross Action