Dealer Application

Please contact an InnTeck-USA account representative at or call 208-932-9906 for more information about how to become a dealer.

SKF Brand Utilization

As an Innteck-USA/SKF distributor you are required to utilize SKF brands according to the company branding rules. Please review and follow the SKF Brand Utilization Guideline. If you have questions or concerns please contact InnTeck-USA directly. or 866-252-8772.


InnTeck_USA LOGO 2014.pdf


Product Cross Reference

This website has a FILTER TOOL to help you select the correct product. However, if you find it helpful to have a spreadsheet with fitment details one has been provided for you below. Please note that the fitment charts below are updated quarterly, the website is updated in real time with any product changes and will be your most accurate resource.  If you have additional questions please contact customer support at 866-252-8772 or


Company Information
208 North Maple Grove - Boise, Idaho 83704
866-252-8772 | ph: 208-932-9906 | fx: 877-294-9116

What Customers Are Saying

“The added performance gained by the reduction in friction is icing on the cake. The cake itself is doubling the fork-seal life.”

- MXA Team, Motocross Action